Hand & Wrist Injuries

Hand & Wrist Doctor in Frisco, Vail, & Edwards, CO

Hands are our extension to the physical world around us. As a hand surgeon, I have extensive training in the treatment of both traumatic injuries and degenerative conditions of the hand and wrist. As one of the most experienced hand doctors in Frisco, Vail, & Edwards, CO, I am honored to take care of my patients' hands.

Non‑Operative Treatment For Hand & Wrist Injuries

Even with extensive training and experience as a hand and wrist surgeon, I use non-operative treatment whenever possible.

I utilize advanced surgical techniques that are Reliable, Reproducible and Durable. If you need hand or wrist surgery, my goal is to give you the best possible treatment, a predictable recovery and a great outcome. My intimate approach and experience are what makes my team and I some of the best hand and wrist doctors in Frisco, Vail, & Edwards, CO.

Patient‑centered outcomes. I am not satisfied until you are.

We Specialize in Operative & Non‑Operative Treatments of:

If you are located in the Edwards, Vail or Frisco Colorado area and are in need of an expert hand surgeon, wrist surgeon or have suffered another type of injury to your hand, doctor Dorf can help. Request a consultation here.