Sports Medicine

Most sports medicine doctors specialize in shoulders and knees. In addition to my shoulder and knee experience, my training involved an additional year of hand surgery. This gives me a unique perspective. Hand surgery is delicate, and the margins for error are miniscule. I bring this detailed approach to everything I do.

Working at a variety of sports injury clinics, I have witnessed extreme sports injuries. As a team physician for the US Ski Team, and the Medical Director for Team Summit Colorado, I know that my patients have high expectations for their recovery. I have a similar expectation, and I strive to get every one of my patients back to 100%. For some, that may mean competing at an Olympic level. For others, it may mean riding their bike to the top of the mountain, or fly fishing on the river again. My experience gives me a unique perspective. I offer a different approach and philosophy compared to other sports medicine doctors.

Common Sports Injuries We Treat:

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